Mat Kallada
( Mathew Kallada )


Recent Invited Talk at Perimeter on Meta-Learning
Mozilla SeaSponge (And Yes!, I named it after my favorite childhood show!)
STAT2450: A ML course I proposed and co-taught. (Now the most popular elective in the department!)

Fun Fact #1: I have a purple half-moon shaped birthmark on my right eye.
Fun Fact #2: I was one of the first five people to run a program on a photon-based quantum computer. I then (unsuccessfully) tried to purchase said computer.. Yeah, not on my watch — one day!
Fun Fact #3: Remember this scene in The Social Network where Zuckerberg talks about a Music AI company he built just before Facebook when first meeting Winklevii? I own the website!

Feel free to drop me a text at 902-402-5581 if you have something urgent.